I Could Never Be A Dentist

I know I’m not alone in this but I hate going to the dentist!

They place you in a really uncomfortable chair, make you open your mouth as wide as you can while they stick drills and weird probes into your mouth. Then they proceed to torture you and inflict as much pain possible and then they charge you for it.

I honestly can’t begin to describe how much I hate the dentist.

It’s bad enough that their instruments look like they were taken straight out of my dad’s tool box but they also recline the chair at angles that are probably aimed to knock you out by causing all the blood to rush to your head.

In Australia, the government gives out these vouchers every year that allow the cleaning and fluoridation and I think polishing of one’s teeth.

My parents, being the cheap Asians that they are, have booked an appointment for tomorrow as they are afraid the voucher will expire and that the $50 would be wasted.

If you don’t weigh as much as the people you see on the biggest loser, doesn’t mean you’re not obese.

Similarly, although it doesn’t hurt like a root canal, the pain in still vibrant, sharp and intense. I wouldn’t be able to torture another human like that.

I’ve had these routine cleanings for a few years now and the thing I dread most is when they find a problem with my teeth during the cleanings. Last time I had a clean, they found  a crack in one of my teeth so they sent me to the dentists in Springvale.

I went there and they told me that not only were there cracks but also holes that they had to fill. Thus began the tedious task of having them drill into almost all of my teeth and then filling them.

Really not looking forward to tomorrow. Not only that, the appointment’s at the most inconvenient time too. Right in the middle of when I should be going out or reading or playing games. Hate it when that happens because you don’t really know what to do because you can’t do it for as long as you would like.

Teenage problems right there…